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In 2023 honest and respectful work is the most ordinary thing in the world.

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Bart van Dijk (Junior Controller), Gabriela van Zon (Recruiter Agro & Engineering), Jan Mertens (Accountmanager Agricultural), Sabina Świetlik (Front Office Staff), Boy Rutten (Project Employee Foreign Recruitment), Katarzyna Redwanz (Intercedent), Dennis Mandic (Senior Accountmanager Engineering), Moniek Christiaens (Front Office Staff), Femke Hegger (Communications Staff), Twan Christiaens (Director), Joey Rutten (Accountmanager Engineering), Rodica Bot-Danilov (Intercedent Engineering), Monika Janiec (Payrolling staff), Gardi van den Brandt (Policy staff member), Tomasz Sroka (Planner), Marcin Kalbarczyk (Duty Manager), Arjan Schiebroek (Marketing & Sales manager), Leo Nillesen (Facility Staff), Ioan Szabo (Duty Manager), Irene van Dijk (Payrolling staff), Jacqueline Brouwers (Operations Manager).


Sun-Power works ...

... to find the right person for the right job. We have extensive knowledge and experience within the agricultural and technical sectors. We create the right work experience by using an open dialogue with both our employees and our clients. Sun-Power’s working method is based on honesty and respect.