Safety and Health Checklist Employment Agencies (VCU)


    Sun-Power attaches great importance to safety and is now VCU-certified

    The work performed in the technical sector is often with increased risk at the work floor. This includes construction or maintenance work that is carried out at construction sites, factories and workshops. We attach great importance to safety and health and can therefore proudly announce that we have obtained the VCU-certificate. Our VG-management system (VG= Safety, Health) meets the requirements of VCU. This enables us to guarantee the safety and health of our employees.

    What is VCU?

    VCU stands (in Dutch) for Safety and Health Checklist Employment Agencies. Sun-Power complies with all the conditions stated in this checklist. With the VCU certificate we are allowed to provide staff to VCA-certified companies. VCA is a similar  same quality mark for safety and health, but then for contractors. Employment agencies specialized in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and process control, civil engineering and other technical services such as insulation, scaffolding, industrial cleaning, transportation etc. can consider obtaining a VCU-certification.

    VCU certification

    Not every employment agency is eligible for the VCU-certificate. VCU sets out a variety of conditions that a certified organization must meet. To get a VCU-certificate, Sun-Power has gone through a few steps. First of all, eligibility for the certificate was determined. Subsequently, action points were formulated to further develop and improve our VG-management system. Our team accurately took care of these action points. For example, by developing a VG-booklet, in which we inform our employees about safety, responsibilities and rights. Finally, our VG-management system was audited. After having completed this process successfully, we can proudly say that Sun-Power is VCU-certified.

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